How to film like a pro with your iphone

//How to film like a pro with your iphone

How to film like a pro with your iphone

We all have the power to film like a pro right there in the palm of our hand.

With Ultra HD and 4k capture capabilities now available in many popular smartphones, you have the ability to capture slo-mo, intricate details and vibrant colours with a device that fits inside your pocket.

No camera bag, no tripod, no lighting – just your iPhone.

But with power comes great responsibility. Even with HD camera phones, filming shaky, dim, or uninspiring scenes fails to deliver on the full range of quality available.

Just because there is high definition at your fingertips, in doesn’t mean you can be the definition of lazy – especially if you’re aiming to produce outstanding videos.

So here are five top tips to help you film like a pro with your iPhone.

Let there be light

Using natural light may be a budget decision or a stylistic one, but the key thing to remember is to make sure you film with natural lighting in front of you, not behind you. This is mostly for when you are filming indoors or in an office space. You’ll be surprised at the amount of videos you see where the subjects look dark, macabre and eerie because they’ve shot against a window. If there’s no natural light in your building then by all means invest in some lighting.

Know your orientation

Always look to film in landscape and not portrait. We are shooting this in 2018 and although I’m predicting a shift in video formats (yeah, you heard it here first!) for web video in the future, the majority of stuff we see is shot in a 16:9 format.

What this means for you basically is that if you want your videos to look as good as possible, shoot your stuff in with your camera on the side horizontally, not as you would hold it to call, vertically.

Capture the correct sound

Even if you’re using an iPhone there should be no excuse for poor audio. Don’t ever underestimate the power of audio. If you make people work hard to hear the person talking they will disengage and switch off.

They sell lapel microphones for iPhones, so invest in one of them.

If you can’t then use iPhone headphone mics or even the loudspeaker mic. The biggest mistake you can do here is stand really far away without being miced as it will sound abysmal and you’ll lose your audience.

Avoid shake

The best way to do this is by buying an iPhone adaptor for your tripod.

If you must have movement, the iPhone7 has got a really good internal stabiliser, but if not, cushion your steps as you walk to avoid unwanted shake or invest in a gimbal to absorb all shake.

Don’t zoom in digitally. That is probably the biggest mistake people make (and trust me I’ve done it before when shooting home videos!). The solution to this is very simple. Simply move your iPhone or tripod closer to the subject!

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