Why do you need to do video for your business?

//Why do you need to do video for your business?

Why do you need to do video for your business?

Thirty years ago people said a personal computer wasn’t a necessity to run your business – now it would be like trying to breathe without lungs.

Twenty years ago people were saying it wasn’t necessary for your business to have an online presence – now it’s essential.

Ten years ago people were saying social media was only for personal use. How wrong were they?

And so one of the biggest questions facing some businesses today is whether they need video to help build their brand. Well, here at Serious Levity, we believe the answer is categorically “yes – yes you need video”.

Whether it’s a single brand video to attract customers, a series of videos for internal use, or regular content to constantly market your latest products, video is a must for any business.

Check out our reasons below for why you need video in your business and how it can help boost everything from brand awareness, to sales, and customer service.

Video converts

Our experience shows the videos we produce quadruple conversion rates for online retailers. It’s as easy as that: put a video on a product you’re trying to sell and you’re a lot more likely to have someone buy it as a result of the video.

It’s an opportunity for you to show off all the details, explain the best features, and talk directly to your customer about why it might be an ideal purchase for them.

Internet = Video

We spoke with Kevin Bloch who’s the CTO of Cisco and he told us that by 2021 82% of all internet traffic will be video traffic.

Businesses cannot afford to be left out of this trend. You need to stay modern and relevant if you want your customers to consume your brand.

And given the internet is already here, you need to have the content ready for customers to find.

That traffic figure will increase year on year, and any amount of bulk creation or uploading too far down the line isn’t going to be enough to catch up with competitors.

Video = Visibility

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? What does that tell you? Well it should highlight to you that people want all their queries delivered in video content. Not only that but Google ranks your page higher for SEO purposes if you have video content on your site.

This doesn’t mean you have to have thousands of videos across your site, but smart implementation of video content on your most visited pages will boost your ranking and provide a much better experience for visitors to the page.

Touch on emotions and build trust with video

You are more like to gain that trust through video than through any other medium. Through video, people get to know your personality – and if that comes across well and resonates with your audience then you’ve immediately got trust.

It’s a well known fact people purchase on emotion (http://www.brandquarterly.com/people-buy-emotions-not-things), and in terms of emotion nothing is more emotive than video.

Use that emotion to connect with your customers. If you don’t use it, then I’m sure as hell your competitors will.

Lastly, you may have heard of the term B2B, or B2C, well you know what, I’m not a big fan of cliches or jargon, but last week I heard of a term that really resonated and that’s H2H. Human 2 Human. If you think about it, that is how all business across the world is conducted. Companies don’t buy off companies, a person in a company buys from another person in another company, there are big corporate meeting where bigwigs strike deals with other bigwigs. And you know what? That’s still H2H no matter how big or small the deal is. And that’s exactly what video enables within your company – the ability to connect with other humans.

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