Simple editing tips to boost your talking head video

//Simple editing tips to boost your talking head video

Simple editing tips to boost your talking head video

It’s one of the easiest ways to start creating videos and disseminating your brand’s message – plonk yourself or a client down in front of a camera and start talking.

On the surface, it’s a fool-proof method of controlling your content – you can choose the topics, select the how long they run for, and create them whenever you have free time.

Because of this, a lot of videos business owners film are talking heads of themselves.

The problem is, the content can tend to be quite boring. Unless you are a trained presenter, coming across as engaging can be difficult, and holding the attention of the audience with structured, interesting scripts is much more difficult than it may seem at first.

People are rarely going to sit and watch one person staring down the lens for a significant period of time without references, cutaways, or graphics.

It means not only are your videos failing to capture clients, they may in fact be causing people to turn away and disassociate with your brand.

As Marco Montemagno says, “The trick is to make a video clip that is not only inspiring and entertaining, but also interesting to watch.”

So here are our top editing tips on how to make the your talking head videos more engaging.


Make sure there’s music

Adding a cool funky song in the background of your video helps to lift your speech a bit. A beat that fits your brand will create a subconscious rhythm and flow and help keep viewers engaged.

Edit using creative transitions

Good transitions and cuts lift an edit immensely. Although they can be quite seasonal, they are useful tools to go from one topic to the other in an entertaining fashion.

There are plenty of round-ups out there showing which transitions are currently quite trendy to keep your audience entertained. Even the basic quick straight cuts work really well. Especially to make your video concise.

Or if you want to use emphasis just quickly insert a cut to convey emotion. They work well.

Also, check out Chung Da on social. He makes and gives away free transitions that current cool YouTubers like Sam Kolder pioneer.

Try ideas like these transitions: Zoom, Wipe, turn, etc. Depending on what you’re talking about they’ll make your video funky funky!

Include text/graphics in your videos

Graphics and text lift the vibe up so much, especially when making key points. A fine balance must be struck between spending too much time on them and just getting your message across. Videos are becoming quite disposable to get them done quickly and without too much polish and you’ll still get your message across.

There’s also the added benefit of them being able to be used on social media without any sound on.

Think about how you can source cutaways

I know the title of this article is about talking heads, but it doesn’t really take too much time to quickly grab cutaways to splice your package with. People think they have to be literal cutaways of what they are talking about and that’s why they think they may be too hard to get, but the reality is that conceptual cutaways work quite well in giving your video a edgy, raw feel.

Keep your clips short

Instead of having one long bit of prose to camera, cut out a few umm and errrss. It will build up pace in your edit and keep people engaged. It will also ensure audiences stay tuned a bit longer, which helps improve the ranking of your video and gives it a better opportunity of reaching a new audience.

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