What type of video should I make for my company?

//What type of video should I make for my company?

What type of video should I make for my company?

Video is a sensational way of boosting your brand. It can tap into emotions and promote your message like no other medium – which can have hugely positive results for your business.

But creating a video for you brand shouldn’t just be done as an afterthought, or because everyone else is doing it. Following what someone else is doing can be a costly mistake – both in terms of not providing any sort of positive return and also making you look foolish.

Just because a brand successfully uses a clown to sell it’s burgers, doesn’t mean putting a wig and face paint on your CEO will bring in millions…(although, thinking about it…don’t ever rule it out as an idea!?)

No, the type of video to produce for your company really depends on your industry and what stage of your marketing strategy you’re at.

Think about the best ways to frame your product or service, and how you want to get your message across to your audience.

Do you want to sell, inform, or entertain?

The clearer you are about the direction of your videos, the better they will fit your brand, and the more effective they will be in helping you reach your goals.

So here are a few ideas about the types of videos you could bring in to promote your business.

Product reviews

If you’re an online retailer then we recommend you getting onto product reviews straight away.

Our experience shows that video quadruples conversion rates and our videos have been scientifically proven to increase sales.

They are a great way to display your product, talk through the benefits, and clearly demonstrate to your customers how it works.

With so much shopping carried out online now, people want the experience of seeing the product and understanding how it can benefit.

Simple things like unboxing the product, showing cutaways of the features and demonstrating how it works can be really effective in encouraging a customer to purchase.

Profile videos

If the bulk of your selling relies on trust – for example if you’re generating online leads as a tradie, a medical practitioner, a personal trainer etc. then start by releasing a video strategy where you give helpful tips to the average punter.

If you’re a tradie looking to get leads, release videos that will build trust in you. Think of presenting videos on “What questions to ask to make sure your sparkie isn’t ripping you off”. These videos will build you a solid fan base, and, with a constant stream of videos, will keep you in the back of people’s mind. Next time they need a sparkie, Bam! They will come to you.


We’re currently seeing a shift from animation to more human-led videos, presumably because you connect more with people than animations. Having said, an animation might be the right type of video for you if you’re starting up an app, or have a cloud-based service you want to showcase.

Getting an animation that is tailored to your brand can be really effective, as it is a quick, clear way of telling your story.

Think about how you could storyboard your message and have fun visualising some of the aspects of your business that might otherwise be difficult to illustrate in video.

About Us

These videos can be used on key landing pages, as well as at conferences or in presentations to concisely roundup who you are and what you do.

An ‘About Us’ video is always a helpful way to showcase what you and your business are all about in a concise and clear manner. We find these videos help convert leads so remember to have a clear call to action in the video and make sure you’re measuring its results.

They are a dynamic way of introducing your business to people who may not have come across you before, and can save you time constantly explaining what you consider ‘basic details’.

FAQs & onboarding videos

If you’re in HR and constantly onboarding employees, or have a customer service team repeatedly answering the same questions, then it’s an absolute no-brainer to produce video content for these onboarding sessions and FAQ answers. That will save you and your company a lot of time and money.

It also ensures employees or customers get the same, consistent message and can refer to it at any time, without having to set up specific meetings or presentations.

You can keep adding to your library of these sorts of videos so you have a comprehensive database covering all aspects of your brand. You never know when you’ll need to refer to the content again, and if you have a video on your website, it’s a lot easier to find than some notes in a pile of paperwork.

Event re-caps

If you’ve thrown an event and want the perfect marketing tool to advertise your next one and really generate a buzz around it, then there’s no better way than to film it, and put together a highlights package.

Many of our customers also use these as aftermovies to send to their customers – almost as an epic thank you for coming. This keeps your brand close to your customer’s heart and really connecting with them.

Don’t forget to download your FREE guide on the 27 different videos you can film in ONE day to help boost your business.

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