The intangible benefits of video to a business

//The intangible benefits of video to a business

The intangible benefits of video to a business

Video by definition is a visual medium. It reaches out and engages audiences throughout their daily lives. Whether on desktops, televisions, or mobile devices, video can be viewed by people wherever, whenever.

Video has the power to spark emotions through the use of compelling images and committed storytelling.

The benefits of this are many fold – it can increase traffic to an event, boost sales, or simply grow the number of people who know about your brand.

But what about the intangible benefits of video to a business – the things you can’t necessarily track via analytics data or see in as a monetary value in your bank account?

These things are extremely valuable, and whilst difficult to quantify, they certainly help enhance the overall perception and association with your brand.

So by getting your videos right, you can tap into some of the crucial elements that are involved in winning over customers and improving your business.


A video can put a face to a faceless brand. It can help personalities, messages and images reach millions of people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to see you.

The biggest example of this is when we started livestreaming for Australia’s largest online appliance retailer. The response from customers was overwhelming – they couldn’t believe so many people were behind the company. They actually got to meet the people who run the business, the people who create the content they read on the website, or see the people they may have already chatted to on the phone.

Which brings me onto my next point…


Building this sort of connection is invaluable whatever industry you’re in. People buy from people and can relate to other humans beings a lot better than relating to a brand.

The are obviously exceptions, think the Apples, the Nikes, The AirBnBs of this world, but if you can lift your brand from being just a logo on a page to a human being communicating to your customers, then you’re half-way to selling.

Most small, startup businesses don’t have nearly the same exposure as those big brands, so need to work harder to encourage customers to buy their products or use their services.

Connecting via video means you are literally putting yourself out there, standing by what you are trying to sell and ensuring people understand and trust what they’re spending their money on.

In making this connection you elicit…


Think about your famous vloggers like Casey Neistat, Gary Vaynerchuck or up and coming vloggers like Glen Carlson or James Wedmore. They make you feel good. It’s almost like a cult-like following they get from you – and they wouldn’t have been able to elicit these global feelings without video.

The reason why those influencers receive this God-like treatment is because through their videos they build…


And trust means a lot. We buy into products and people because we trust them.

A pretty blunt example of this is to think of a person who has been scammed into sending money to an overseas bank account to help a family or invest in property. Why did they do it? Because there was trust.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t use the powers of video to be naughty and scam people off their money.


Using video to harness the benefits of these intangibles can help deliver brilliant results for your brand.

You can try to set parametres around measuring the direct success, but the key thing is to ensure everything you’re putting out via video is engaging, honest, and true to the vision you have for your business.

If people buy into that truth and message, they will buy into you.

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  1. Kevin April 19, 2018 at 3:00 am - Reply

    Great tips. Once you discover the true value of video, you can focus your budget and resources towards the best outcomes for your business…

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