How to sell more of your product through video

//How to sell more of your product through video

How to sell more of your product through video

Here at Serious Levity, we’ve sold A LOT through video. The bulk of our experience comes from producing over 2,000 product reviews and generating more than 13 million views for Australia’s largest online appliance retailer.

Not bad figures considering we started out by simply setting up a YouTube channel and essentially posting handycam footage of products.

We grew the production into a slick, studio experience, which presented the products in the best light. And it’s fair to say, along the way we’ve learned a lot about how to sell more of your product through video. Here’s just a few a nuggets of knowledge we’ve picked up.


Start with a good thumbnail

People are attracted to people. So if you are using a presenter to showcase your product, then it’s a good idea to have a thumbnail of the presenter smiling with the product as a thumbnail. Our click through rates increased significantly when we did this.

Keep it short

Our data showed (and this is consistent with Wistia’s general data on online video consumption that the sweet spot for our reviews in terms of length was 2 to 2 and a half minutes long. That kept our engagement levels at an average of 76%, which for a review of a toaster or dishwasher is not bad at all.

Generally speaking, people start switching off once you go past the three minute mark.

Talk in terms of value you are bringing to customers

Don’t talk about the product. “Say what?” I hear you scream. No, talk about the value the product can bring to your customers. Always relate it back to them, and how it could be fixing a problem they constantly encounter.

It’s very easy to get lost in talking about how great your product is, what sparkling buttons it has, what cool colours you can offer, what a lovely finish it has – but if you can’t communicate its value in terms of how it’s going to benefit someone, then it will have no legs.

Cutaways. CUs. People love seeing the details

Cutaways and Close Ups of your product are key. Not only does it break up the video and make it more engaging, but we found a lot of people who watched our reviews would go onto rewind to parts of the video where we were close in on a product.

Whether it’s buttons, controls panels, handles etc. the details are what people want to hone in on and help determine whether it’s the right product for them. Humans are good to connect you with your audience, close ups are good at showcasing the actual product. It’s a powerful combination when done right – I’d say keep the balance at roughly 50/50.

Show the product in action

People want to see the product work, so plug it in, and get it doing what it does. If it spins, lights up, moves, flies, cooks, cleans or anything else other than just sit in a corner – show it. That’s what people are really after.

Even if your product doesn’t appear to be the most dynamic, still put it in context and demonstrate how it is used best. If you’re selling a vase, put flowers in it. If it’s a cup, fill it with liquid. You get the idea.

Don’t fall in the trap of just showcasing it without actually using it.

Keep it honest

If you’re honest, you’ll build a lot of trust, and down the line that will enable you to sell more to your customers. So if something isn’t great, there’s a million ways to phrase it to get that message across without necessarily being detrimental to your product.

“Entry level” for example was a term we used a lot to imply it wasn’t going to necessarily deliver the best performance on the market, but it would do the job for someone with low budget.

People are not stupid, they’ll realise there’s a money/quality trade off with most products.


As you can see, there are plenty of simple ways of changing the way you present your product to ensure it is seen in the best light by customers.

Creating consistent videos covering all the best aspects of your product will ensure your customers build a better understanding of what you have on offer and be more open to choosing you over your rivals.

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